No One a Neutral  ~  Crisis Management Handbook

Language Manuals for Public Safety Professionals

Terrorism Survival Handbook

by Norman Antokol and Mayer Nudell

"While much has been written about terrorism, No One A Neutral dissects one of its most insidious aspects, hostage taking. Tracing its evolution with meticulous documentation, the authors offer unique insights into the phenomenon of hostage taking. This is critical reading for those struggling for an understanding of the convolutions of terrorism."
Herbert F. Saunders, Former Deputy Director of the Office of Technical Service, Central Intelligence Agency

"No One A Neutral is as timely as today's headlines. It is the best work to date on the subject of hostage-taking and should be read by every policy-maker, law enforcement officer, and military official concerned with this intractable problem. Each new U.S. administration reinvents the wheel when it comes to the problem of hostage-taking. It would save a great deal of time and effort if every top foreign policy official in the Bush administration, including the president, was required to read this book."
Neil C. Livingstone, President, Institute on Terrorism and Subnational Conflict

"The most fundamental requirement for anyone dealing with the ugly phenomenon of hostage-taking is understanding. As drug traffickers increasingly adopt the tactics embraced by revolutionaries and religious zealots, the problem is kely to become worse, not better. No One A Neutral gives us a basis for understanding these tactics, and also points the way to reducing their impact on our society.
Frank G. McGuire, Editor, Counter Terrorism and Security Intelligence

"I consider this book a peerless overview on the problem of international terrorist- hostage incidents and their manifestations worldwide."
Ron McCarthy, former Senior Supervisor, Los Angeles Police SWAT Unit

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by Mayer Nudell & Norman Antokol

How to:
  • Assess the threat before it happens
  • Create a crisis management plan
  • Create a crisis management team
  • Plan simulations to make your organization or community less vulnerable
  • Choose a spokesperson
  • Respond to the media during a crisis
  • Help victims, families, and staff to cope and recover
  • Return your organization to normal after the crisis is over.

"This is a very important reference for managers and operational supervisors in this contemporary climate of the unexpected. It provides an essential starting point to the successful management of crises. Agencies and executives who must respond to a crisis together must also plan together, train together and exercise together. Finally, we have a common reference we can use together, and that is The Handbook for Effective Emergency and Crisis Management."
Fred Villella, Founder and Director of the National Emergency Training Center

"The authors have put together a textbook that will allow organizations to easily move from the unfavorable mode of managing by crisis to that of managing crises."
John P. Boland, Police Inspector, Operations, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Police Department

"This is an excellent guide to preparing for and handling a crisis, be it a flood or an international terrorist, etc. It will play a major role in preparing our nation's crisis managers. The authors have done a tremendous public service in shedding light on this toughest of subjects."
Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

"On the community or national level, we cannot afford to respond to natural or man-made crises in a haphazard, impromptu fashion. The authors offer an organized, practical approach to this vital area for managers or executives at whatever level of responsibility."
Representative Thomas S. Foley, Speaker of the House of Representatives

"Nudell and Antokol show that crisis management has come of age. They have written a volume that should be on the desk of any security expert or chief operating officer who recognizes that corporations and government agencies must react to crises and anticipate them. This work literally may help save lives in the future. To ignore it is to operate in an environment where inaction could lead to crisis."
Stephen Sloan, Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oklahoma

"This book should be required reading for any organization or agency that has to plan for crisis contingencies. The book is practical, easy to read, and replete with useful checklists to assist executives and administrators in crisis contingency planning. Although the book is written for corporate executives and agency directors, it will also be of interest to academics interested in crisis management and terrorism."
Douglas Stuart, Ph.D., Coordinator, International Studies Program, Dickinson College

"A good instructional text for those responsible for developing emergency programs in their organization; provides identification of resources that could assist in developing a comprehensive and effective program."
Terry L. Foster, Asset Protection Director, Hershey Foods Corporation

"The Handbook for Effective Emergency and Crisis Management is a very interesting and informative document that will prove helpful to any public or private agency developing plans to cope with major incidents."
E. P. Reimer, Chief of Police, Calgary Police Service
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Street Survival Language Field Manuals for Public Safety Professionals

The Complete Spanish Field Reference Manual for Public Safety Professionals
The Multi-Language Field Reference Manual for Public Safety Professionals

by Senior Trooper (ret) Robert L. Dent, Oregon State Police

These ground-breaking manuals are used by public safety agencies throughout the United States, in Puerto Rico, and in many other countries, including: Colombia, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Canada.

The compact, easy-to-use manuals are designed to be employed by public safety officials in a wide variety of circumstances and require no prior linguistic knowledge or training. They improve officer safety and ability to communicate, promoting community relations while also reducing vicarious liability. The Spanish manual is accompanied by two audio tapes and was selected as the "Best Book of the Year for Content" by the National Association of Independent Publishers. The multi-lingual edition contains six languages: Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Cambodian, with a provision for inserts covering Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Hungarian.

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Bazzel Baz - a.k.a. "Baz" - is a former Marine and CIA officer who currently serves as writer-technical advisor for the CBS drama, The Agency. He is also featured in the upcoming USA Network program, Combat Missions.Baz graduated from The Citadel in 1978. He served in the United States Marine Corps with his final tour of duty as a counter-terrorism officer before being recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency. Baz subsequently served for numerous years, supporting the CIA in field intelligence collection operations throughout the Far East, Middle East, Northern Europe, Central and South America, the Mediterranean and Africa. As paramilitary case officer, Baz developed and recommended policy, operational doctrine, hostage rescue, methods and techniques for use in clandestine activities. In addition to his qualifications with the CIA, Marine Corps and work in the entertainment industry, Baz is qualified as a Secret Service firearms instructor, Recovery Agent for the American Association for Lost/Stolen Children and was the recipient of the Nation's Intelligence Commendation Medal. Bazzel Baz continues to maintain his contact with the international intelligence community.
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