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Travel Safety

Travel is a rich and rewarding experience. Despite the risks of crime, terrorism, and other dangers, increased awareness of potential problems and careful planning will reduce the chances of your trip being spoiled with unpleasant memories or injuries.

Safe travel begins before your trip and includes simple precautions to make your residence safe and secureóboth at home and on your trip. Whether a house, hotel, apartment, or dormitory, you cannot rest easily without attending to this.

Safe travel also involves careful consideration of how and what you pack, as well as what items you carry on board the plane, train, ship, or other means of transportation. Mayer Nudell's extensive experience can help you plan for this.

Safe travel includes knowing what is happening in the areas in which you plan to travel and making certain that your affairs and documents are in order. Mayer Nudell can help ensure that you properly prepare for your trip. You must be attentive to what is happening around you. Certain things that are normal in one setting are not in another. Attention to your surroundings will make you sensitive to the unusual. Mayer Nudell can help you reduce your vulnerability to criminals or others who seek to harm you.

Mayer Nudell has been involved in planning for several Olympic Games, security for foreign presidential candidates, and a variety of other security projects. He has advised individuals, corporate and government officials, and law enforcement in all aspects of security and planning. He has trained U.S. and foreign government, military, and law enforcement officers and has been consulted by universities and other groups around the world. He can help you make your travels as worry-free and safe as possible.

Mayer Nudell's security awareness programs will teach you simple, common sense techniques to reduce your exposure to crime and terrorism without interfering with your enjoyment or requiring inordinate expense. Home and workplace security, hotel selection and safety, travel security, entertainment and sightseeing practices are just a few of the topics that can be covered. Presentations can be general or country-specific.

There is no mystery to making travel a safe experience. You have the ability to influence what happens to you! Let Mayer Nudell help you prepare NOW for your next trip.

Mayer Nudell's services include:
  • Country Studies
  • Travel Safety and Security Awareness Programs
  • Threat Assessments
  • Training and Educational Materials
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Individual Consultations
  • Itinerary Planning and Route Selections
  • Visa and Vaccination Information
  • Travel Resources
  • U.S. Government Services
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Troubleshooting and Crisis Response
  • Hotline
Mayer Nudell offers many other specialized services which can be tailored to your specific needs. For more information, please click here.

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Information Services

Staying on top of events...... Before they happen..... When they happen....... protect your people and facilities worldwide!

Going international offers unparalleled opportunities. At the same time, the associated risks are significant and differ from those accompanying investments in your own country. Trade barriers and protected markets will disappear, but political change and turmoil can threaten even the best-planned investment or project.
  • A multi-national corporationís satellite telecommunications system in Indonesia was nationalized.
  • A U.S.corporationís plan to invest $2.8 billion in a power plant in India was nearly jeopardized when a nationalist opposition party won state elections.
  • A Japanese-led consortiumís toll road concession in Thailand fell apart when the government made last-minute demands.
  • Political violence threatened foreigners in Algeria.
  • A Canadian company's operations in Sudan are accused of fomenting civil war and slavery.
No country is immune from such developments. Economic development does not reduce nationalist opposition to foreign investment. Opposition politicians may be looking for ways to attack a government. Even an obvious need for foreign investment may not provide complete security for foreign companies. Governments may decide that their original agreements are no longer advantageous. In fact, one part of a government may act without regard for a countryís overall interests.

International operations demand constant, continuing, and timely information. In order to make the best possible business judgements, you must know what is happening in the places where you have (or plan to have) people and facilities. This calls for constant monitoring and accurate assessment of threats and other significant developments that might affect operations. But it is not always easy to find the specific information that you require. Mayer Nudellís information service can ensure that such information is provided to management on a schedule of your choosing for its use in evaluating decisions and liabilities. Sources include major international wire services, government and military organizations, and private sector contacts.


Daily Reporting
  • Events are monitored daily.
  • Each business weekday, a report is faxed or e-mailed to you.
  • Major developments are reported immediately.
  • An optional weekly report, with commentary and analysis, is available to ensure coverage of significant weekend developments.
  • Mayer Nudell and other experts are available for telephone consultation or advice at any time.

Weekly Reporting
  • Events are monitored regularly.
  • Major developments can be reported immediately.
  • A weekly report, with commentary and analysis, is provided on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Mayer Nudell and other experts are available for telephone consultation or advice at any time.
Monthly/Bimonthly Reporting
  • Events are monitored regularly.
  • Once/twice each month, a report summarizing the most significant developments and optionally including commentary and analysis is prepared.
  • Mayer Nudell and other experts are available for telephone consultation or advice at any time.
Other options and services are available. Ask us! For more information, please click here.

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General Security Services

Businesses ~ Law Enforcement ~ Individuals ~ Travel Agencies
Governments ~ Universities

Crisis Management ~ Contingency Planning ~ Counterterrorism
Training & Evaluations ~ Threat Assessment


A crisis can occur at any time. Will your organization be ready for it? Do you have the plans, the trained people, and the tested procedures? Or will you simply engage in damage limitation?

Without advance planning and preparations, unexpected and very serious complications will result. Your public image can be damaged for years to come regardless of how well you resolved the crisis.

Do your crisis plans identify who has the authority to make decisions in an emergency? Are key personnel aware of basic policy decisions?

Crisis management skills can be developed through experience and training. In-house staff does not necessarily have either. Mayer Nudell's specialized consulting services can provide you and your organization with the confidence to meet any emergency. Whether you are beginning your planning process or you have a plan which is untested, NOW is the time to evaluate your needs and to test your planning and preparation.

Contingency planning and crisis management training are dynamic processes requiring integration of internal and external assets for maximum effectiveness. They are not one-shot operations to be filed until the next crisis. You must develop these tools and continually sharpen them!

Mayer Nudell's specialized consulting services include:
  • Country Studies
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Development and Review of Basic Crisis Policies and Procedures
  • Composition and Training of Crisis Action Teams
  • Design of Crisis Centers
  • Crisis Communications
  • Victimology
  • Identification of Crisis Resources
  • Training and Educational Materials
  • Incident Response
  • After-incident Reviews
  • De-briefings
  • Crisis Simulations and Exercises
  • Counterterrorism

For more information on Mayer Nudell's specialized consulting services, please click here.

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