The Upcoming Events Reminder Service is a subscription service that highlights significant upcoming events--key dates, elections, holidays, strikes, etc.--providing subscribers having international interests with an advance notice of upcoming events. It is available as a quarterly or weekly via e-mail. Quarterly subscribers receive an e-mail that will be in their mail boxes prior to the start of each quarter. Weekly subscribers receive an e-mail that will be in their mail boxes Monday mornings when they arrive at work. This serves as a reminder to them of potential problem dates that might affect their people, operations, or travel. It is more comprehensive than any single "free" service--especially when you consider the value of the time you would have to spend checking them regularly to ensure completeness. And unlike the "free" services, not only are entries filtered out that are either outdated or really have no particular current importance, but the list is delivered to you.

Following is a sample of what subscribers received in their weekly messages covering the week of January 2-8, 2012*:

January 2, 1492
Granada Day. Marks the ouster of the Moors from Spain.

January 2, 2012
Bank holiday.

January 2, Annually
Heroes' Day. Also known as Ancestry Day. Businesses, schools and government offices close.

January 2, Annually
Victory of the Armed Forces Day.

January 2, Annually
Merchants' Holiday.

January 2, Annually
New Zealand
Day after New Year's Day.

January 2, Annually
Berchtold's Day. Honors Duke Berchtold V, who founded Bern, the capitol of Switzerland, in the twelfth-century. According to legend, he left on a hunt declaring he would name the city for the first animal he killed, which was a bear, or Bern in German.

January 2, Annually
United Kingdom (Edinburgh)
Scottish New Year's Day.

January 2-3, Annually
Bank Holiday.

January 3, 1980
Burkina Faso
People's Uprising Day.

January 3, 1989
Moslem Kashmiri militants began their campaign for independence from India. Violence possible to mark date.

January 3, 2012
Parliamentary elections (run-off).

January 3, Annually
Northern Mariana Islands
Commonwealth Day.

January 3-6, 2012
Portugal, Worldwide
TAP Air Portugal pilots have announced a strike. If the planned strike goes ahead, be prepared for delays and keep in touch with your airline or travel company for advice on the options available to you. See latest information on TAP Air Portugalís website.

January 4, 1948
Myanmar (Burma)
Independence Day.

January 4, Annually
Democratic Republic of Congo
Martyrs of Independence Day.

January 4, Annually
Western Samoa
Head of State's Birthday.

January 4, Annually
Day of Martyrs of the Colonial Repression. Public holiday.

January 5, 1956
The Lao Patriotic Front (LPF) was established by the Pathet Lao (Communist Lao faction) under the tutelage of Vietnamese Communists.

January 5, Annually
Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday. Partial holiday.

January 6, 1963
Founding of National Liberation Army (ELN).

January 6, Annually
Christian World
Epiphany or Three Kings Day (Commemorates the three wise men's visit to the Christ child). Sometimes celebrated the first Sunday after January 2. Observed as a public holiday in some countries. These include Austria, Dominican Republic, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt), Greece (most government offices and many business establishments close), Italy, Mexico (elementary schools close), Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania and Spain.

January 6, Annually
Army Day.

January 6, Annually
Army Day.

January 6, Annually
Pathet Lao Day. Public holiday.

January 7, 1848
Pioneers' Day.

January 7, 1939
Birthday of Chukaku-Ha leader Toru Takagi. Now largely inactive, the Chukaku-Ha is an ultraleftist/radical group with origins in the fragmentation of the Japanese Communist Party in 1957. At one time Japan's largest domestic militant group, it has political arm plus small, covert action wing called Kansai Revolutionary Army.

January 7, 1979
Overthrow of Khmer Rouge. Also known as Liberation Day. Demonstrations may occur, but violence is not likely.

January 7, 1989
Death of Emperor Hirohito.

January 7, Annually
Coptic Christian Christmas.

January 7, Annually
Orthodox Christian Countries

January 7, Annually
National Day.

January 8, 1912
South Africa
The South African National Congress (SANC), forerunner of the African National Congress (ANC), was formed.

January 8, 1959
Fidel Castro Takes Power. President Fulgencio Batista flew to exile in the Dominican Republic and Castro marched into the capital, Havana, on this date to take power.

January 8, Annually
Midwife's Day. Also known as Women's Day.

Quarterly subscribers receive similar content, but without the benefit of events that are announced closer to their occurrence. Combining the quarterly and weekly subscriptions provides significant advance notification of upcoming events via the quarterly, with the benefit of the weekly's reminder and inclusion of additional events. Corporate officials, frequent travelers, expatriates, and others dealing on an international basis will find that the Upcoming Events Reminder Service will help to prevent an event that might otherwise have gone unnoticed from causing problems.

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* While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this list, users should be aware that national calendars differ, dates of observances may change, and holidays can be added or abandoned. Additionally, advance notice of strikes, demonstrations, or other events may not be sufficient for inclusion in this listing. Users should verify particular dates and events as they relate to a particular country and residence or planned travel there.

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