Mayer Nudell is an internationally recognized expert on terrorism, crisis management, travel security, and related matters who is regularly consulted by governments, major corporations, the media, and others operating in high-risk environments. Mayer Nudell and his associates are experienced former government, military, police, security, and crisis management professionals whose services are still used by their former organizations. Many of them teach future professionals in universities and training centers.

Mayer Nudell's training programs are interactive and incorporate the philosophy that security is a daily consideration. Presentations are given in an entertaining manner which encourages discussion and relieves anxieties by placing security in its proper context: as a facilitator to work, travel, and life; not as an end in itself. The Security Awareness and Preparations Workshop won the Grand Prize from the Mercury Awards, a prestigious international competition for excellence in communications and training. 

Mayer Nudell's presentations are tailored to the expected audience or organization and are accompanied by audio-visual aids and hand-out materials which reinforce the key points of the presentation. Presentations both impart important information and support key organizational security procedures and policies.

Presentations can be tailored in any way appropriate for the organization and the individuals attending them. Among the available topics are:

Residential Security

  • Domestic employees and repairmen 
  • Pets 
  • Locks 
  • Family/neighbor involvement
Workplace Security
  • Access control 
  • Visitors/strangers 
  • Information safeguards 
  • Emergency situations
Travel Security
  • Planning and preparations 
  • Air, land, sea considerations 
  • Airport/bus/seaport terminal considerations 
  • Arrival and returning 
  • Hotel Selection and Security 
  • Hotel and room selection 
  • Meetings 
  • Common threats 
  • Lobby conduct
Entertainment and Sightseeing
  • Hotel entertaining vs. outside activities 
  • Extending and receiving invitations 
  • Restaurants 
  • Excursions and shopping considerations
Hostage/Kidnap Survival
  • Preparing for the possibility 
  • Actions during captivity 
  • Effects on family 
  • Physical/psychological factors
Mayer Nudell and his associates are able to translate their many years of practical experience into useful presentations because they rely on expertise, not hype. Through interactive bonding with the audience, they can direct the discussion toward areas of particular concern in a non-threatening atmosphere which promotes active participation by the audience. This, in turn, enhances retention of the material and, most important, actual implementation of recommended actions. The result is an improvement in the security posture of employees and the organization and increased cooperation with security personnel. 

Mayer Nudell can also support your other crisis management and security programs. For more information, please click here.

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