• Gives public safety and education professionals the ability to communicate using simple signals during emergency situations.
  • Can be used to supplement ordinary communication.
  • Used proactively, can prevent, control, and de-escalate potentially violent confrontations.
  • Assists in providing a safer and more-secure learning or working environment.

  • Used for safe and expedient movement of students and staff.
  • Easily incorporated into existing fire and emergency drills.
  • Helps build a sense of community through student participation by employing safe, standardized, non-verbal communication methods and protocols.

"Silent Universal Signals must be an essential ingredient of the safety and security plan for every school in America." --Homer H. Kerns, Ph.D., Past President of the American Association of School Administrators and Superintendent of Schools (ret), Salem, Oregon.

"This book and associated training will revolutionize the way those in public safety communicate. Simply put, Silent Universal Signals will save lives and should be in the hands of everyone in America dedicated to safety." --Rep. Ben Westlund (R), Chairman, Ways and Means Public Safety Committee.

"This innovative manual and associated training is absolutely necessary and should be, by all who are committed to safety." --Robert Wall, Chief, Portland (OR) Bureau of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services.

"Innovative, comprehensive, and long overdue!...Silent Universal Signals is a must for professional educators and all types of public safety personnel." --Vincent Bugliosi, author of Helter Skelter and prosecutor of the Charles Manson family.

"I am confident that this manual and its associated training will save lives." --Dave Smith, Director of Education, Law Enforcement Television Network, General Manager, Calibre Press, and internationally known speaker and trainer.

For more information about Silent Universal Signals or other crisis management and security programs, please click here.

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